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Coronet Fine Dry Cleaning cleans clothes the old fashioned way. The painstaking efforts that were thought to be a forgotten art are employed at Coronet.

From the moment you walk into Coronet, you and your cleaning are pampered. We gently and thoroughly inspect your order noting any problems. When your garments reach our expert spotter, they are carefully examined and separated out again.

Coronet hand irons the linings of your clothes and stuffs tissue in the sleeves to retain their shape. Lapels receive a soft press to retain their proper roll. Pants and slacks are turned inside out and ironed, not pressed on a form but laid out individually. Gabardine shine, a common occurrence at most cleaners, is nonexistent at Coronet.

Our machinery would be considered passé by most cleaners. But there’s a reason…we’re looking for quality at Coronet, not quantity. Our smaller cleaning machines handle smaller loads. That means less agitation when your clothes are in the cleaning process. Our solvent is checked daily and kept cleaner through constant filtration and distillation. It’s a petroleum derivative (not synthetic), meaning it’s milder for all fabrics, beads, sequins and trim and it’s environmentally safe.

Coronet has specialized finishing personnel. We employ an inspector who checks for rips, tears, buttons and stains. Want an example of our thoroughness? We remove and sew back on over 250 buttons per day!

Even when your cleaning has gone through our exacting methods, our caring doesn’t stop. We space your clothes out on racks, making sure they’re not crammed together and creased.

Clothes are an important investment. At Coronet, we protect that investment and assist in bringing you the dividends that quality dry cleaning provides.



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