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A beautifully presented dinner table must start with table linens that are professionally cleaned and expertly pressed. At Coronetís Fine Dry Cleaning, we take great care in making your dinner party a success. Coronet provides premium service on fine linens. Priceless and antique table linens as well as bed linens require delicate finishing.

The process of cleaning these precious linens begins with a meticulous inspection of each item. This allows each and every stain to be pretreated so that it may be gently removed in the cleaning process. Next, the linens are washed in a cold water/gentle cycle and then completely dried prior to being pressed. Finally, the table or bed linens are hand finished. Hand finishing is a lost art. After being finished, the item is folded on a hanger, placed in a package, or hand-rolled on a tube to guard against wrinkles..



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