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When precious becomes priceless, bring your treasures to Coronet Fine Dry Cleaning. Coronet has been specializing in the fine art of gown restoration and preservation for over 60 years. Our special care extends to cleaning & heirlooming bridal gowns as well as christening gowns. Unlike many cleaners, we clean and hand finish all gowns on site. Often it takes as much as a day to hand finish the intricacies on gowns.

When heirloom is requested, the gown is preserved in acid-free tissue paper, lignin free muslin and packed in a museum-quality archival acid-free box. You may view your gown after it is boxed because they are not sealed, and we recommend that you store the box in a cool, dry place. Whether or not future generations desire to wear your dress, we want it to be an option.



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